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WhatFriendsDo has lots of fun ideas, from simple notes to major projects, to help you rally around your friend with plenty of cheer. Some of these ideas are listed below. Use the menu below to find ideas for a specific situation.

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In the midst of challenges, trauma and grief, the smile from a friend warms our hearts. A small act of kindness reminds us of the good things in life. And genuine help and cheer renews or instills a sense of joy in our lives. No matter what difficult situation your friend faces, joy can still be, and needs to be, part of his or her life.


At we believe that spreading cheer makes any situation easier.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you have not yet scheduled your annual mammogram, pick up the phone right now and make the appointment. Then send an email to all your friends and remind them of the importance of early detection, along with a reminder about scheduling their annual mammogram.

Clergy Appreciation Month

During difficult times, clergy and other church staff are often very instrumental in the journey. Take time this month to let your priest, rabbi, minister, youth director, or church administrative assistant know how much their help meant to you during your life challenge. Feel free to do the same on your friend's behalf, too.

Computer Learning Month

If you have friends who want to participate on a WhatFriendsDo team but claim to have minimal computer skills, offer your assistance to show that the site is easy to use, even for beginners.

Cookie Month

Nurses, doctors, and oncology center staff will appreciate fresh baked cookies, store bought cookies or cookie bouquets. Sometime in the month of October, shower these fine folks with some sweet treats.

Leave it to the Friends

October is the month the leaves turn to beautiful colors, and then fall to the ground carpeting lawns as they await clean up. If you have a friend going through a challenging time (whether it is a medical situation, grief, celebration of a new baby) a leaf raking party will be most welcomed. It's easy to do:

  • Designate a time to gather
  • Ask everyone to bring
    • Rakes
    • Leaf blowers
    • Bags
    • Cider & other treats to share

The leaves will get cleaned up quickly and it will be a fun time for all. Best of all, your friend will feel an incredible burden lifted. This event should be repeated sometime in November, too.

Pumpkin Parties

Families dealing with cancer treatments, recovery from an accident, adjustment to a new baby or grieving the loss of a family member might not have the energy or motivation to enjoy the pumpkin season this fall. But the children will still want to visit the pumpkin patch and carve or decorate pumpkins. A Pumpkin Party will be great fun for everyone, and help your friend's family immensely. Make arrangements to visit a pumpkin patch. Invite several families, not just the family with the challenge. This will make the family feel more normal, something they most certainly are eager to do.

Designate a particular time to carve and decorate pumpkins. Invite parents and children to participate, but be particularly attentive to helping the children whose parents are going through the rough time right now. Making this time special for their children, without singling them out will be a wonderful gift you can give to the parents.


Halloween costumes are a big deal to little children. Make sure your friend's children have the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of planning their costume. Ask the parents for their guidelines:

  • Does the family have traditions they would like to follow?
  • Are there particular costumes the parents would like to avoid?
  • Is there a seamstress in the group who would enjoy sewing for the children?

Treats for Halloween

Offer to pick up Halloween candy for your friend. Ask if there is a particular treat the family likes to give out. If the family is unable to be at home on Halloween, offer to answer the door when the costumed kids come knocking.

Reverse Trick-or-Treat

If your friend's family has a child unable to go out trick-or-treating, organize reverse trick-or-treating so that everyone goes to his/her house and brings a treat.

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