What Friends Do for Cheer

WhatFriendsDo has lots of fun ideas, from simple notes to major projects, to help you rally around your friend with plenty of cheer. Some of these ideas are listed below. Use the menu below to find ideas for a specific situation.

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In the midst of challenges, trauma and grief, the smile from a friend warms our hearts. A small act of kindness reminds us of the good things in life. And genuine help and cheer renews or instills a sense of joy in our lives. No matter what difficult situation your friend faces, joy can still be, and needs to be, part of his or her life.

While you're out You're having dinner with friends and you're discussing your friend in need? Purchase a gift card for the restaurant before you leave. Enclose it in a card and mail it along with a note to let your friend know he or she is in your thoughts and you want to share a meal together.

Sign it Make a cheerful banner to hang in your friend's hospital room. Leave plenty of blank space so friends can sign their names when they visit.

Pampering the pets pampers the people Drop off a gift certificate for pet grooming, and tell the pet owner you'll make the appointment and drop the pet off and pick it up afterward.

Remember the whole family! When providing cheer for your friend, keep in mind that his or her family members are also going through the experience. They need to be pampered, too! Movie passes for the entire family will be great for a fun family outing. If going out isn't feasible, DVD rentals are good (you can pick up and return the DVDs) and maybe a family member would enjoy going with you to make the selection.

Who says gas can't be fun? When you fill your tank, fill your friend's, too. Send a gift card for a fill-up!

Send a card! Everyone likes to find a cheerful card in the mailbox. Whether you send your card via the postal service or electronically, your friend will be glad to hear from you. Be sure to also send greetings via your friend's WhatFriendsDo Guestbook on a regular basis.

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