Helping Friends When it's Needed Most

When a life-changing event happens, friends and family want to help! The webtool is a FREE website that can help family and
friends form a "Team" and respond in an organized and helpful way. Helping a friend through a life-changing event involves lending a hand with meals, transportation and other tasks. These events also call for understanding, love and uplifting support.

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How does it work?

A coordinator (family member or close friend) completes a brief registration process, and a "Team website" is created. In just a few minutes, the webtool will help you customize a Team website that can be used to:

Coordinate Schedules

Coordinate schedules for meals, childcare, errands and other needs.

Create a Guestbook

Provide a guestbook for messages to your friend.

Provide Updates

Provide information updates via your own Team blog.

Post Photos

Post photos to keep your Team inspired.

Daily Cheer

Before you read any further, pick a number between 1 and 5. If you picked 1, go to your friend’s house and do a surprise 'outdoor chore' (clean out a flower bed, wash out... read more

Need to Know Tips:

The importance of teamwork when a friend is going through a life changing event cannot be emphasized enough. Our different skills, talents, schedules and personalities combine to help our friend get through a difficult situation.

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